Oh, Jordan!

I remember when I was 13-14 years old, running home from school every wednesday to catch the last episode of “My So-called life”. It was so different from all of the other soap-operas and teenager shows on TV. I finally found something to identify with! All the insecurity and the difficulties Angela (Claire Danes) had to deal with in high school was real to what I was experiencing at the time. I also had a huge crush on Jordan Catalano, played by Jared Leto, and had posters all around my room.

One month ago I decided to buy the DVD of the whole series, to check out if it still was up to date. And it definitely is! It is so much fun to watch it. I really enjoy seeing the clothing style and music of the period, with all the grunge and the new romanticism. And I remember that I used to wear the same kind of shirts that Angela wears, when I was 11-13 years old. I’m really enjoying myself watching this again:) And I like the way the subjects are approached in a realistic and smart way, in comparison to many of today’s youth shows. I’ve made my sisters of 13 and 14 years see it, and they like it:)

Sweeeeet nostalgia.

Go Angela!


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Norway in red, white and Grey

This is a Norwegian short film Steffan and I made for a competition. The assignment was to make a short film under three minutes about the enviroment.
Title: Norway in red white and Grey
1. Line: Summer coming, Summer coming…
2. Line: Sun and rain, and rain, and rain…
3. Line: All birds lovely as they are…
4. Line: Are never coming back…

The film is made out of photos, whitch are edited in photoshop. The background is made of several photos edited together. The girl is made by 10-15 photos cut out in photoshop and animated, going in loops in after effects. The birds, palm tree, the rain and lightning are drawn with a wacom tablet in photoshop and then animated in after effects.
The sound and music are made in pro tools and reason, with much help from Gunnar Hauge.


Story and Idea: Steffan Scherrer Løssfelt and Maria Nordø Jørstad
Animation and Sounddesign: Steffan Scherrer Løssfelt
Photo: Maria Nordø Jørstad
Music: Gunnar Hauge
Girl walking: May Linn Clement.

(All text written by Steffan. -Thank you!)

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If you’re into it;)

I just discovered the comedy show “Flight of the Conchords”, and I think it’s pretty funny. What I like the most are the songs, they are HILARIOUS!

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